Shopping in Barcelona

Are you ready for a shopping spree? Barcelona has a lot to offer! Most Spanish brands are based here, and offer you better prices than back home. You will find better deals and prices in Spanish brands, such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Custo, Desigual…


You can easily find department stores and shopping centers in Barcelona. Like in every city, it’s very practical to find in one place all the shops you might need to visit. Some are really classical: you will find in those centers what you also find all over Europe, with the same brands and items (Fnac, Sephora, Zara…).


But some are more typically Spanish like the department store “El Corte Inglés” where everyone should go at least once for its selection of perfume, books, fashion, sports gear, home decor, household goods, electrical products, music, hairdresser, travel agency or like the shopping center “Bulevard Rosa” who offers more than 100 small shops, only Spanish brands, with an emphasis on fashion clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery.

Centro Comercial La Farga

Centro Comercial La Farga in Barcelona

The commercial center of La Farga is located in the center of l'Hospitalet, becoming a landmark of the city. In this space, also conferences and cultural activities of all kinds are made, making La Farga much more than a mall.In the area of procurement, the Forge is led by a Caprabo supermarket where you can make the weekly shopping easy. The first floor also has other food shops and services. The two upper floors, on the other hand, comprise the whole range of fashion , which are the leading international brands in the sector. Moreover, La Forge has major electronics and technology deals, with retailers such as Movistar or Game. And to complete the offer, the mall has the Cinesa La Farga cinemas and extensive supply restoration plan a good day for leisure facilities. Its central location makes it ideal for easy access to public transportation, as it is well connected with the Metro Red Line (L1) and the Railways of the Generalitat.
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Bulevard Rosa

Bulevard Rosa in Barcelona

Bulevard Rosa is situated in the middle of the Eixample, Barcelona, making a spectacular place in the heart of the Barcelona's shopping area. It consists of more than 100 stores offering vanguard fashion and a careful selection of products and services. The shopping centre is pleased to be able to join a range of irresistible brands and one of the best offers of fashion in the city.
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